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Energy Renewable energy, offshore wind (Credit: Vattenfall)

RES cooperation set to increase, say experts

EU member states are likely to make much more use of cross-border cooperation mechanisms on renewables in future, said EU policymakers at a debate in Brussels on Thursday

Pollution & Nature Biodiveristy, Japanese knotweed (credit: AnROOO2, CC by SA 2.0)

EU biodiversity plan failing, review shows

The EU has made "no significant overall progress" towards its target of halting biodiversity loss in Europe by 2020, the European Commission said on Friday

Marco Mensink, director general, CEPI

Circular economy needs incineration restrictions

The new circular economy package can support Europe’s existing circular industries by putting a strong focus on raw material availability and quality recycling, says Marco Mensink of CEPI

Susanne Baker

REACH must be adapted to the circular economy

The EU’s chemicals policy is out of step with the drive towards ‘remanufacturing’: REACH’s unpredictability risks undermining this important circular economy sector, says Susanne Baker of EEF

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Biodiversity Protection

People: Karmenu Vella (CC BY SA 3.0)

At a meeting in Brussels on 12 May, EU environment ministers discussed the importance of integrating biodiversity protection into other policy areas.

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