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General Policy Rapeseed (credit: Dusan Kostic/123RF)

Brussels resumes GM import licensing

The European Commission licensed 10 new GM varieties of maize, soy, oilseed rape and cotton for import, as well as renewing seven existing licenses on Friday

Climate Climate, ice caps (Credit: Michael Haferkamp CCA SA3)

Major emitters downplay CO2 cuts in Paris deal

The world’s largest emitters have been criticised for diverting attention from the need for ambitious emission reduction commitments under a new climate regime to be adopted in Paris this year

Climate Flag, United Nations (credit: sanjitbakshi, CC BY 2.0)

Montreal Protocol HFC talks move forward

Talks on phasing out potent greenhouse gases under the Montreal Protocol made progress in Bangkok this week, although Saudi Arabia and Pakistan remain wary

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Energy Union

People, Donald Tusk (credit: Mateusz Wlodarczyk BY SA 4.0)

At a meeting in Brussels on 19 March, heads of state and government discussed proposals on the EU energy union, including provisions on renewables and energy efficiency.

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