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Climate, Transport Pollution, exhaust fumes (credit: Stefan Redel/123RF)

New car CO2 underestimated by 31%

The flawed procedure for testing new cars is underestimating CO2 by almost a third. But the EU's regulations have still been more effective than voluntary approaches wood have been, experts say

Pollution & Nature Industrial emissions 2

EU air pollution inventory released

Road transport remains a “key source” of lead (Pb) pollution and total emissions have not fallen in recent years, the European Environment Agency said on Thursday

Climate, Energy Flag, Germany

German plan for lignite criticised

Germany’s plan to gradually close some lignite power plants instead of imposing a levy on their emissions has been criticised for offering a subsidy to polluting power generation


Fracking water issues outlined in UK report

Fracking could place a significant burden on waste water treatment infrastructure that would require new investment, according to a report by the UK environment, food and rural affairs ministry

Chemicals Chemicals

ECHA backs phase-out of 15 toxic chemicals

The European Chemicals Agency has recommended that 15 toxic chemicals be added to the ‘authorisation list’ of substances that should be banned for use in the EU except in specially licensed cases

Climate, Markets & Corporate Markets, trading

Auditors flag EU ETS problems

The EU needs to beef up enforcement in the emissions trading system to ensure its integrity, an audit has found

General Policy EU and US flags (photograph: openDemocracy, CC-BY SA 2.0)

MEPs agree to push ahead with TTIP

MEPs will vote on their position on the EU-US trade deal next week after the S&D group accepted a compromise deal on controversial investor protection rules

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Biodiversity Protection

People: Karmenu Vella (CC BY SA 3.0)

At a meeting in Brussels on 12 May, EU environment ministers discussed the importance of integrating biodiversity protection into other policy areas.

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