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Governments call for end to fossil fuel subsidies

A group of smaller countries, including the Nordic countries, have called on world governments to prioritise eliminating fossil fuel subsidies ahead of the Paris climate conference

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India reverses stance on a global HFC deal

India has come out in favour of negotiating a global phase down of HFCs under the Montreal Protocol, in what experts say is a crucial step forward ahead of talks next week

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Brussels to propose extended powers to ban GM

Member states may soon be able to ban the “use of” genetically modified feed and food, on top of their newly enacted right to ban GM cultivation, under a draft proposal from Brussels

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EU told to increase green bond supply

EU public financial institutions should increase the volume of green bonds to steer private finance towards climate-friendly investment, consultants to the European Commission have recommended

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Energy Union

People, Donald Tusk (credit: Mateusz Wlodarczyk BY SA 4.0)

At a meeting in Brussels on 19 March, heads of state and government discussed proposals on the EU energy union, including provisions on renewables and energy efficiency.

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