EU imports of Russian LNG ‘at all-time high’

An LNG terminal in Cyprus, May 2022. EU imports of LNG have surged following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Photo: Danil Shamkin/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The EU’s liquified natural gas imports reached record levels in the first half of 2022, shipping analysts have found, with unprecedented deliveries from Russia despite EU efforts to wean itself off... Read more


Planetary boundary for PFAS ‘ubiquitously exceeded’, say experts

Rainwater contains ‘forever chemicals’ in concentrations that exceed safety standards all over the world, a new study shows.


As Italy roasts, scientists call for climate focus in elections

Amid a summer of heat waves and droughts, Italian scientists have called on political parties to put the climate crisis on top of the agenda ahead of the elections in September.


New EU guidance on water reuse as drought starts to hit

The European Commission has issued guidance on how to reuse treated waste water in farming, as an increasing number of member states grapple with drought.


EU industrial jobs to stabilise under CBAM, model predicts

A planned carbon border tax could help EU countries support existing industries while creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in other parts of the economy, according to a new study.


Commission mulls ‘health certificates’ as part of new soil law

The European Commission has floated the idea of requiring soil quality assessments for land sales and a passport system for excavated earth as part of measures to improve soil health in the EU.

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How the EU is facing up to the prospect of winter energy shortages

The Klingenberg gas power station in Berlin, July 2022. The German government has warned of possible gas shortages this winter. Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty

As the European Commission prepares its ‘winter preparedness’ plan for possible gas shortages, member states are ramping up measures to ease the burden of rising prices on citizens. Some are greener than others.


Blog: Italy’s mountain tragedy symbolises the danger of climate change in Europe

The partial collapse of the Punta Rocca glacier in the Italian Alps, which last Sunday caused the death of at least 10 people with two more still missing at the time of writing, has been explicitly attributed to climate change.


Interview: IEA’s chief energy modeller on how the EU can meet its climate goals

Laura Cozzi, the head of the International Energy Agency’s energy modelling team, talks about the overlooked ways the EU can slash greenhouse gas emissions and boost its energy security.

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Blog: Forest lobbying yields results in Council’s climate position

Forest sector groups appear to have successfully rallied single-minded Nordic member states behind efforts to water down the EU Council’s negotiating position on a raft of climate and energy files.

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Policy briefing: EU forest protection

Wood chips at the IKEA's Novgorod furniture plant in Russia. Demand for woody biomass is set to grow within the EU for use in energy, construction and consumer products. Photo: Vladimir Smirnov\TASS via Getty Images

ENDS looks at upcoming proposals from the European Commission to protect Europe’s forests, and what they could mean for the booming bioenergy sector.

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