Post-covid recovery drives rebound in EU emissions

Niederaussem coal-fired power plant, near Cologne, August 2022. EU emissions have almost returned to pre-covid levels as the economy recovers. Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The EU recorded a 7% increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2020, according to the latest estimates from Eurostat.

Analysis: How national differences shaped Parliament’s Fit for 55 votes

MEPs vote during a plenary session in July. Parliament has so far approved its negotiating position on 10 Fit for 55 files. Photo: Mathieu Cugnot / EP

The European Parliament has so far approved its negotiating position for 10 of the ‘Fit for 55’ climate and energy proposals with healthy majorities. But a deeper look reveals most political factions struggled to find a common position on all the files. Here’s what the voting records show.


Paris throws cold water on Spanish and German push for new gas pipeline

The French government has said it does not support plans to fast track a new gas pipeline connecting Spain and France, despite support for the project from Berlin and Madrid.


EFSA warns of two new threats to EU plant life

Experts at the European Food Safety Authority have said two non-native insects – the larch caterpillar and the green shield scale – should be treated as threats to a range of fruit crops and trees.


European supermarkets ‘complicit’ in Antarctic krill depletion

A new report has found that leading European food retailers sell krill-fed farmed salmon, supporting a fishery that threatens the Antarctic ecosystem.


Europe can phase out Russian oil without import surge - T&E

The EU has the potential to cut its total oil consumption by a third by 2030 through energy efficiency measures, electrification and tax reforms, according to a study by Transport & Environment.


Romania’s €149m green hydrogen plan praised as step forward

The European Commission has approved €149m in state aid for a Romanian scheme to support the production of renewable hydrogen, but an expert has warned the country has a “long way to go” to develop the sector.

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Interview: Why now is the time to rewet Europe

Madgwick: “This is about climate, but it’s also about food security... about water security. It’s about human security in the sense of reducing fires and heat stress.”

Jane Madgwick, the head of Wetlands International, discusses how to stop wetlands going ‘up in smoke and down the drain’, amid recording breaking heat and drought.


How the EU is facing up to the prospect of winter energy shortages

As the European Commission prepares its ‘winter preparedness’ plan for possible gas shortages, member states are ramping up measures to ease the burden of rising prices on citizens. Some are greener than others.


Blog: Italy’s mountain tragedy symbolises the danger of climate change in Europe

The partial collapse of the Punta Rocca glacier in the Italian Alps, which last Sunday caused the death of at least 10 people with two more still missing at the time of writing, has been explicitly attributed to climate change.


Interview: IEA’s chief energy modeller on how the EU can meet its climate goals

Laura Cozzi, the head of the International Energy Agency’s energy modelling team, talks about the overlooked ways the EU can slash greenhouse gas emissions and boost its energy security.

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Policy briefing: EU forest protection

Wood chips at the IKEA's Novgorod furniture plant in Russia. Demand for woody biomass is set to grow within the EU for use in energy, construction and consumer products. Photo: Vladimir Smirnov\TASS via Getty Images

ENDS looks at upcoming proposals from the European Commission to protect Europe’s forests, and what they could mean for the booming bioenergy sector.

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Map: How clean are the EU's bathing waters?

How clean is the water at your favourite swimming site? Click through to view an interactive map with details of the quality of the EU's 22,000 monitored bathing sites in 2019


Bar chart race: Europe's largest CO2 emitters

Click through to view an animated chart showing how European nations have contributed to climate change since 1750

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