EU state of nature report reveals alarming rate of habitat destruction

EU state of nature report reveals alarming rate of habitat destruction

Europe’s ecosystems are locked in a seemingly inexorable decline and more than four-fifths are in poor shape, while the full picture could be even worse

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IN DEPTH: New 10-year environment plan set to fix Europe’s green deal in law

IN DEPTH: New 10-year environment plan set to fix Europe’s green deal in law

The European Commission’s proposal for a 10-year environmental action plan, unveiled this week with relatively little fanfare, aims to fix the sweeping aims of the European Green Deal in law. ENDS takes a look at what it could mean for EU environmental policy


NGOs, businesses and ministers push for plastics treaty

The plastics industry, WWF, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Nordic environment ministers are all calling for a global deal to prevent plastic pollution.


Pressure mounts on Czechia to accelerate coal phase-out

Green groups have urged Czechia to commit to phasing out coal power by 2030 on the eve of a meeting of a national coal commission they warn is facing political pressure to pick 2038 as its recommended phase-out date.


Chemicals strategy finds broad support from civil society and industry

EU lawmakers, campaigners and business groups have broadly welcomed the European Commission’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability presented on Wednesday, although with some important reservations


European Council: Leaders push back decision on 2030 climate goal

EU leaders have pledged to increase the bloc’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal ‘before the end of the year’ following inconclusive talks during yesterday’s European Council

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Blog: Trains, not planes and automobiles

Blog: Trains, not planes and automobiles

With the coronavirus pandemic resurging across Europe, and the threat of fresh lockdowns looming, what will it take to keep plans for the European Year of Rail in 2021 on track? Richard Weyndling investigates

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Blog: How a minor rebellion pushed a higher EU climate target over the line

The European Parliament endorsed proposals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030, from 1990s levels. But the amendment only made it through thanks to a small number of centre-right MEPs. Robert Hodgson explains

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Interview: Why sustainable investment still has a mountain to climb

Will Martindale, director of policy and research at the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment, speaks to ENDS about the role private investors have to play in the EU’s climate goals and how green investment can finally become the norm

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Blog: Greens gain new member as climate debate reaches fever pitch

Momentum has been building throughout the week on two of the most important and hotly debated elements of the European Green Deal, reports Robert Hodgson

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Map: How clean are the EU's bathing waters?

Map: How clean are the EU's bathing waters?

How clean is the water at your favourite swimming site? Click through to view an interactive map with details of the quality of the EU's 22,000 monitored bathing sites in 2019

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14 environmental policy and compliance deadlines to look out for in February

Important deadlines relating to chemicals labelling, restriction of hazardous substances and chemicals, plant protection products and rail freight are coming up in January and February


Bar chart race: Europe's largest CO2 emitters

Click through to view an animated chart showing how European nations have contributed to climate change since 1750


Policy briefing: the carbon border tax

A key promise made by incoming European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, a carbon border tax would protect EU industries producing goods in a less carbon intensive way than their international competitors. ENDS takes a look at what the proposal might mean in practice


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