Campaigners urge EU crack down on illegal waste exports from Italy to Tunisia ...

Campaigners urge EU crack down on illegal waste exports from Italy to Tunisia

Environmental groups have called for the intervention of the European Commission after an Italian company was caught illegally dumping municipal waste in Tunisia, with the government in Rome failing... Read more

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Interview: How to sue governments over climate inaction (and win)

Interview: How to sue governments over climate inaction (and win)

Marjan Minnesma, the director of Urgenda, talks to ENDS about the green group’s historic legal victory over the Dutch government’s climate plans and why similar challenges are unlikely to succeed in other areas of green policy.

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Blog: Revolution in the air

Blog: Revolution in the air

At this year’s EU Industry Days, business leaders were eager to flaunt their green credentials. But the prospect of binding new regulations is making some nervous. Robert Hodgson investigates.


Commission under fire over ‘industry-dominated’ GMO consultation

The European Commission’s health and food safety directorate-general has been accused of running a “secretive” and “industry-dominated” consultation on the future of genetically modified organisms.


EU urged to support hydrogen and ammonia as shipping fuel

Shipping firms have joined forces with the clean transport campaigners to call on the European Commission to promote the use of green hydrogen and ammonia in a forthcoming review of rules on maritime fuels.


Call for ‘far more ambitious’ climate targets in run-up to COP26

COP26 president Alok Sharma has warned that the world’s plans for short-term emissions cuts are well below what is needed to keep global warming below two degrees, following a sobering UN report on national pledges published last week.


New industry alliance wants EU target for sustainable heating

A raft of industry groups has called for the EU to set a concrete target for renewable energy to cover half of all heating and cooling in Europe by 2030, as the European Commission prepares to table legislation in the summer in line with the new net 55% emissions reduction target.

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The trouble with climate assemblies

The trouble with climate assemblies

‘Climate assemblies’ have sprung up across Europe to recommend policies for governments keen to bring extra credibility to their climate change agenda. But in France, many have become disillusioned with the process. Can they be more than democratic window dressing?


Interview: Peter Vis on the pitfalls of a carbon border tax

Former top European Commission official Peter Vis tells ENDS why the EU risks moving too fast on its plans for a carbon border tax, what to look out for in the ‘fit for 55’ programme and life beyond the Brussels bubble.

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Blog: Just how green is Europe’s green recovery?

Member states and MEPs signed off this week on the major component of the EU covid-recovery programme, there are still questions over whether it is big enough – or green enough. Robert Hodgson investigates.

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Interview: The EU ombudsman on fighting for transparency in green decision making

Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, talks to ENDS about BlackRock, bees and shedding light on the dark arts of EU deal brokering.

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The ENDS Europe Infringements Dashboard

The ENDS Europe Infringements Dashboard

UPDATED: Click through to launch the ENDS Europe Infringements Dashboard, an interactive online tool to help you keep up to date with essential information on environmental infringement proceedings.


IN-DEPTH: Are Europe’s CAP reform plans compatible with the Green Deal?

With MEPs and agriculture ministers coming under fire from green campaigners over their positions on a reformed Common Agriculture Policy. Here’s what is at stake for the environment.


Map: How clean are the EU's bathing waters?

How clean is the water at your favourite swimming site? Click through to view an interactive map with details of the quality of the EU's 22,000 monitored bathing sites in 2019


Bar chart race: Europe's largest CO2 emitters

Click through to view an animated chart showing how European nations have contributed to climate change since 1750

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