ENDS Europe launches Policy Development Tracker

ENDS Europe has today launched a new tracking and alert service which allows users to monitor the development of new policies within the EU.

The Policy Development Tracker (PDT) provides comprehensive policy alerts on a single platform, allowing users to track every EU policy – environmental or otherwise – that they need to follow. 

Subscribers to the new service can monitor policies from inception to completion through its live update feed and daily email alerts. The service also allows users to perform custom searches and view policy changes in real time.

Subscribers to the new service will have access to:

- Policy developments in real time

- Easily digestible expert intelligence

- A comprehensive overview of the policy landscape

ENDS Europe subscribers will be able to access the new PDT service when they come to renew their membership, but can upgrade now if they require access immediately. To request a demo, click here.

ENDS Europe editor Jamie Carpenter said: “This exciting development follows an exercise a year ago when we talked to a large number of subscribers about what would make their working lives easier.

“The most requested service was something that would help them track policy development – and that’s exactly what we've created.”