The ENDS Europe Impact List: Which EU politicians and environmental professionals deserve to be celebrated?

The ENDS Europe editorial team is pleased to launch the inaugural ENDS Europe Impact List.

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The list names the EU politicians and professionals who have made the greatest impact in EU environmental policy in the past two years – as nominated by their colleagues, stakeholders or even opponents.

We invite our readers to participate in the nomination process and to extend the invitation to colleagues too.

Given the nature of ENDS Europe’s coverage and readership, the entries on the list must have a political or professional role related to the environment and EU policy-making. They can be based in Brussels or elsewhere in Europe. For instance, they could be from national ministries or working in non-Brussels-based agencies, such as the European Chemicals Agency and the European Environment Agency.

What do we mean by impact?

The list is not meant to be a simple rundown of the most powerful decision-makers or lobby groups. Besides being predictable, this approach would fail to acknowledge the work of organisations under political or budgetary pressure and to celebrate more junior professionals who, with passion, energy and ideas, have made a real difference in EU environmental policy-making. Who came up with that amendment that changed the energy policy in the 27 EU countries? Who brokered that solution that brought together industry groups and NGOs? There are many people who play this sort of role in Brussels and around Europe.

Considering the scale of the climate crisis and the many interests at play in EU environmental policy-making, we aim to focus especially on the unsung heroes, those who take action, show the example, convene power and convince others, those who bring forward change often without receiving the recognition they deserve. We hope that our readers will recognise these individuals and feel they are in similar positions – therefore having a similar power to promote change.

The criteria

We aim to let our readers shape the list, so we invite you to make the nominations. You can make as many nominations as you wish, so long as you complete a short online form for each of them and briefly explain why the nominee deserves inclusion. All nominations will be regarded as anonymous. However, you may be contacted by a member of the ENDS team at a later stage to be asked to provide an on the record comment.

The criteria that will be used to judge the nominations are:

* The individual has shaped or influenced EU environmental policy

* The work resulted in demonstrable and positive environmental improvements

* The individual is an unsung hero whose work is delivering positive change without receiving the recognition they deserve.

If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Please make sure to send the entries by Friday 31 March. We look forward to hearing from you!

The ENDS Europe team

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