Blog: Why the green deal ‘will not fly’ without Copernicus investment

With security worries taking centre stage at the EU space conference, Copernicus stakeholders shared concern that the satellite system will be left in the lurch, despite its role in monitoring... Read more

Politics & Law

Blog: Hollywood provides backdrop to plea for EU to follow the science on forests

A group of MEPs looked to Hollywood this week for inspiration as they discussed what the future holds for the EU’s forests.


Blog: Future of packaging market all to play for as EU rolls out waste policy reforms

The question of how to deal with the EU’s rubbish mountain dominated the agenda this week, while MEPs made it increasingly clear it will have to be dealt with at home.

Politics & Law

Blog: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

As wolves make a comeback across Europe, MEPs want to loosen legal protections they say are putting farmers’ livelihoods at risk. But not everyone is convinced.


COP27: Panic, propaganda, parsimony, protest and… sewage – a week in Sharm El Sheik

Ministers are set to arrive at the Egyptian beach resort next week to try and unblock talks on loss and damage, the most controversial part of this year’s climate summit, with rich and poor countries still far from a deal.


Mitigation, adaptation and… migration: the missing link in the climate debate

Europe must start considering how to provide a safe haven for people pushed out of their homes by an increasingly extreme climate, according to a recently published book.


Blog: Is solar energy from space more than just a pipe dream?

Large installations of solar panels in space could provide an “important fraction of the electricity needs of Europe by 2050”, say studies commissioned by the European Space Agency. Not everyone is convinced.


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