Spain cedes to industry pressure over environmental labelling for cars

Car industry pressure has delayed by at least two years the Spanish government’s plans to update car labelling in order accurately to reflect vehicles’ environmental impact and to assist... Read more

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Can cow feed help tackle the EU’s methane crisis?

As world governments get serious about cutting methane emissions, cattle farming is under the spotlight. The EU is considering whether a new feed additive could help tackle the issue.


Heat pumps ‘cheapest method to decarbonise home heating’, says report

An analysis by a European Consumer Organisation finds heat pumps to be the most affordable decarbonisation option and calls on the European Commission for ‘vital’ policy in favour of heat pumps over hydrogen boilers.

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This week in plenary: 5 green votes you need to know about

Meeting in Strasbourg, the European Parliament this week approved the reformed Common Agricultural Policy and the 2022 budget, while voting on a number of reports ranging from raw materials to world trade rules. Here’s what you need to know.

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News in brief: No breakthrough in TEN-E talks, ETS state aid guidelines published

In other news this week: MEPs and member states remain at loggerheads over plans to reform the Trans-European Networks for Energy Regulation, while the Commission publishes new guidelines on state aid companies under the emissions trading system as prices reach a new high.


Delay to microplastics crack-down causing huge environmental damage, campaigners warn

Environmental campaigners have warned the European Commission against further delaying plans to restrict the use of microplastics, which keep “flooding into the environment” despite “the existence of safer alternatives”.

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Energy Charter Treaty: Is time running out for reform?

Energy Charter Treaty: Is time running out for reform?

Negotiators conducted the eighth round of talks to reform the Energy Charter Treaty last week amidst growing impatience among climate groups and EU member states to conclude negotiations or walk away.


Interview: How ETS reforms could drive the heat pump revolution

Thomas Nowak, the secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association, tells ENDS Europe why extending the EU emissions trading system to buildings could spur on the electrification of heating.

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Interview: Environment director general on what’s next in the European Green Deal

Florika Fink-Hooijer, the European Commission’s director general for environment, on what we can expect in ‘game-changing’ new proposals to address deforestation, waste exports and biodiversity loss.


Why the EU is accused of a vanishing act as COP26 goes to the wire

With the crunch climate talks expected to go on beyond the official Friday evening deadline, observers have warned the EU has “lost its mojo”. Green deal chief Frans Timmermans begs to differ.

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