Industry to be at centre of circular economy strategy, says top EC official ...

Industry to be at centre of circular economy strategy, says top EC official

Textiles, construction, electronics and mobility are the key sectors addressed in the circular economy action plan that the European Commission is expected to publish on 4 March alongside the EU... Read more

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Nine EU countries yet to submit national climate plans

Energy commissioner Kadri Simson has confirmed that the European Commission is still waiting for the final National Energy and Climate Plans from nine member states and that she envisages the EU to increase its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target to at least 50%


Concern for EU renewables targets as sluggish growth continues

Climate campaigners have called on EU leaders to address the slowdown in renewable energy growth after the latest official figures showed the bloc’s 2020 target could be at risk


Wind overtakes hydro as main source of renewable electricity

More of Europe’s electricity was generated by wind turbines than hydroelectric power stations for the first time in 2018, while official data shows the EU was two points shy of meeting its 20% overall renewable energy target for 2020


ECHA names four new substances of very high concern

The European Chemicals Agency has added four chemicals to its list of substances of very high concern, bringing the list to 205. It has also proposed restrictions on 4,000 chemicals used in tattoo inks

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MEPs endorse ECB role in climate action

The European Central Bank has a role to play in climate action, members of the European Parliament committee on economic and monetary affairs said on Thursday

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14 environmental policy and compliance deadlines to look out for in February

Important deadlines relating to chemicals labelling, restriction of hazardous substances and chemicals, plant protection products and rail freight are coming up in January and February

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Green MEP Michael Bloss on corporate lobbyists, climate protests, and ‘social tipping points’

German lawmaker Michael Bloss, one of a crop of millennial environmentalists carried into the European Parliament on the 'green wave' that washed across northern Europe, talks to ENDS about the European Green Deal, power dynamics in the parliament, and the need for transparency over lobbying


MEPs brand plans to approve lead in PVC ‘unsafe’

Draft rules on the use of lead in polyvinyl chloride, a widespread synthetic plastic, have met the opposition of the European Parliament’s environment committee, which on Tuesday voted against a regulation to set maximum acceptable levels

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Interview: EU-UK law expert Begonia Filgueira on what Brexit means for the environment

While the UK is now set to leave the EU this month, much of the hard work on shaping its future relationship with the bloc is just beginning. Begonia Filgueira talks to ENDS about the implications for environmental law

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