Firm fined €5m over biodiesel ‘greenwash’

Italian state fuel company Eni has said it may appeal a €5m fine it was ordered to pay by a regulator for ‘greenwashing’ claims in advertising for a biodiesel

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No EU funding for nature site road, but calls for infringement action

Environmentalists have called on the European Commission to launch infringement proceedings against Bulgaria after the government said it would press ahead with a motorway development through a protected nature area despite abandoning a bid for EU funding


App gives consumers chemicals information

An app that tells consumers if there are potentially dangerous chemicals in products has been rolled out to 13 EU member states after being successfully launched in Denmark in 2014


First EU city demands cuts to short-haul flights

Barcelona city council has called for short-haul domestic flights from Barcelona airport which can be replaced by train services to be eliminated and for tougher taxation on aviation and maritime polluters as part of a climate emergency plan released yesterday


Cement industry plans carbon neutrality by 2050

The European cement industry has said it will revise its plans for greenhouse gas reduction plans to become carbon neutral by 2050, in line with the EU’s European Green Deal, but said it required 'more encompassing' regulation to support it


Poland largest beneficiary of just transition plans

The European Commission has proposed funnelling €2bn to Poland in order to mitigate the impact of moving to a low-carbon economy on European regions most dependent on the fossil fuel industry

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Regional carbon price floor 'could speed transition'

Regional carbon price floors in the emissions trading system could help increase the use of emission-free fuel in electricity and heat generation, according to a Finnish government study published this week

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Interview: EU-UK law expert Begonia Filgueira on what Brexit means for the environment

While the UK is now set to leave the EU this month, much of the hard work on shaping its future relationship with the bloc is just beginning. Begonia Filgueira talks to ENDS about the implications for environmental law


Interview: EEB's Wates on the new EU executive, 'friendly fire', and why climate criminals should be behind bars

Jeremy Wates, the long standing secretary general of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), speaks to ENDS about the tumultuous year that was 2019, which saw a 'green wave' contribute to a major shift in the balance of power in the European Parliament and the commission, and what lies ahead


Interview: Zero Waste leader Rossano Ercolini - the 'eco-revolution is underway'

Zero Waste Europe president Rossano Ercolini tells ENDS how he went from blocking an incinerator in Tuscany to signing up 361 European municipalities to the zero waste principles

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