Further efforts needed to reduce air pollution, says EEA

At least 238,000 people died prematurely in the EU in 2020 due to exposure to particulate matter pollution above the World Health Organisation guidelines, the European Environment Agency estimates.

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Industrial emissions: Lead MEP proposes weakening Commission proposal

Smaller livestock farms should be excluded from the revised Industrial Emissions Directive, according to a draft report published by rapporteur Radan Kanev on Monday.


Lead MEP seeks confidentiality safeguards for industrial emissions portal

Companies should not have to submit unnecessary “confidential business information” to the EU’s industrial emissions portal, while the European Commission should not be allowed to update the list of sectors reporting requirements apply to, Parliament’s rapporteur has said.


EU adopts new BATs for ferrous metal processing

New rules setting the official benchmarks for cutting air and water pollution in ferrous metals processing have entered into law following approval by member states.


MEPs and campaigners urge earlier alignment with WHO air quality standards

The European Commission’s proposed air quality reforms must be strengthened to bring them in line with international guidelines, MEPs health groups have warned.


Leak: Draft air quality rules fall short of WHO guidelines

The EU would not meet air quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization until well after 2030, according to a leaked draft of updated rules to be proposed on Wednesday.


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