Toxic chemicals: Member states ‘prioritising money over health’

Member states are more reluctant to propose harmful chemicals for inclusion on the list of substances of very high concern under the REACH regulation when they are produced within their borders,... Read more

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14 environmental policy and compliance deadlines to look out for in February

Important deadlines relating to chemicals labelling, restriction of hazardous substances and chemicals, plant protection products and rail freight are coming up in January and February


ECHA names four new substances of very high concern

The European Chemicals Agency has added four chemicals to its list of substances of very high concern, bringing the list to 205. It has also proposed restrictions on 4,000 chemicals used in tattoo inks


MEPs brand plans to approve lead in PVC ‘unsafe’

Draft rules on the use of lead in polyvinyl chloride, a widespread synthetic plastic, have met the opposition of the European Parliament’s environment committee, which on Tuesday voted against a regulation to set maximum acceptable levels


App gives consumers chemicals information

An app that tells consumers if there are potentially dangerous chemicals in products has been rolled out to 13 EU member states after being successfully launched in Denmark in 2014


Fourth neonicotinoid pesticide banned by EU

The use of the pesticide thiacloprid will be banned in the spring after the European Commission legislated on Monday to prevent the renewal of authorisation for its use in the EU, following the advice of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)

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