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German government signs off on ‘green’ infrastructure bill

German cabinet ministers have given the green light to a package of measures to encourage investing in green infrastructure such as railway lines and wind turbines

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‘Better regulation’: Commission doubles down on ‘one-in, one-out’ rule

The European Commission has reaffirmed its commitment to removing one existing regulatory ‘burden’ for every new one introduced as part of measures to achieve ‘environmental, digital and social policy objectives at minimum costs’

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Environment top source of infringement cases, commission says

The European Commission last year opened the most number of legal cases against member states for breaking environmental rules than for any other EU policy area, according to official figures

Politics & Law

Landmark Irish ruling sets ‘global precedent’ for climate litigation

Legal campaigners have heralded a ruling from Ireland’s supreme court that has quashed the government’s climate action plan after finding that it falls 'a long way short of the sort of specificity which the statute requires'


EU moves forward with carbon and energy tax reforms

The European Commission has called for public feedback on plans for a levy to cover the greenhouse gas emitted by producers of goods imported into the EU, and broader plans to reform energy taxation law that could end the free ride currently enjoyed by airlines and ship operators

Politics & Law

Concern over climate action in EU recovery deal

Campaigners have raised concerns that an unprecedented recovery programme signed off by EU leaders on Tuesday has failed to provide details on how it will be compatible with the bloc’s climate targets, while MEPs have warned the fight over the EU budget is far from over

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