EEA: More action needed to tackle under-performing recycling markets

A report by the European Environment Agency has found that of the eight most common recyclables, only aluminium, paper and glass have well-functioning secondary raw material markets within the EU.

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Madrid city council rejects calls to close incineration plant

Madrid city council has rejected calls for the closure of a waste incineration plant following evidence of higher levels of persistent organic pollutants in its surroundings than around any other plant surveyed in Europe.


High levels of PFAS and dioxins found in vicinity of waste incinerators

A bio monitoring survey in the areas surrounding municipal waste incinerators in Spain, Lithuania and Czechia has revealed in all cases elevated levels of toxic chemicals in poultry, eggs and vegetation.


EEA urges greater effort to tackle marine litter at land source

More action is urgently needed to address marine litter at its land source, preventing waste from polluting rivers and making its way to coastlines and seas, according to a new report from the European Environment Agency.


European Parliament demands export ban for plastic waste

A commanding majority of MEPs want to strengthen EU rules on the transport of waste beyond reforms proposed by the European Commission, with a total prohibition on plastic exports, and stricter rules for hazardous materials.


Millions of tonnes of hazardous waste unaccounted for, EU auditors warn

The European Court of Auditors has warned that over a fifth of hazardous waste generated in the EU is unaccounted for after examining official statistics on treatment, as MEPs prepare to adopt their position on proposed tighter rules on waste shipment.


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