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    • Waste & Resources,Pollution

    €2bn finance for plastic sea litter projects

    European financiers have committed €2bn for projects which tackle marine pollution, particularly plastics litter ..
    • Pollution,Nature

    Campaigners urge defence of EU water law

    Environmental groups are urging the general public to defend a key piece of EU legislation protecting Europe's lakes and rivers amid a 'fitness check' of ..
    • Waste & Resources,Pollution,EU's Circular Economy,Nature

    EU leads international plastic pollution initiative

    The European Commission is spearheading a new international network to encourage the responsible use and disposal of plastics ..
    • Transport,Waste & Resources,Pollution

    EU urged not to scrap ships in dangerous facilities

    Shipowners are lobbying for the right to scrap old vessels outside Europe, where cost may be lower and environmental standards slacker, despite sufficient capacity in ..
    • Pollution,Nature

    WWF urges government action on water pollution

    The campaign group WWF warned that a lack of political will, rather than a lack of EU legislation, is jeopardising Europe's rivers, as government and ..
    • Chemicals,Pollution

    EEA report warns of extent of mercury pollution

    Atmospheric mercury levels are five times above natural levels in Europe despite a raft of EU legislation to control the poisonous heavy metal, according to ..
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