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    • Chemicals,Pollution

    Commission shelves non-toxic environment strategy

    The current European Commission is not planning to produce a long awaited 'strategy for a non-toxic environment' before it leaves office, the head of its ..
    • Waste & Resources,Pollution,Nature

    ‘Worrying’ levels of farm waste in EU waterways

    An EU-wide study of water bodies near intensive livestock farms has revealed the presence of over 100 different plant and animal protection products, including several ..
    • Pollution,General Policy

    Campaigners warn against laxer water standards

    Governments are seeking to weaken regulations on the quality and environmental standard of Europe's lakes and rivers, the campaign group WWF warned on Wednesday ..
    • Transport,Pollution

    Health impact of traffic fumes ‘€67bn a year’

    The health impact of air pollution from road transport is costing tens of billions of euros annually across the EU, but is set to fall ..
    • Transport,Pollution

    Denmark calls for EU rules on NOx truck fraud

    The Danish government has called on the European Commission to develop new rules for member states after its testing revealed lorries equipped with widely available ..
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