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    • Waste & Resources,General Policy,EU's Circular Economy

    Businesses call for greater circular economy support

    Greater policy support for resource efficiency could add €324bn to business output by 2030, EU leaders have been told ..
    • Climate,Energy

    Kettles back on pared-down Ecodesign list

    EU Commissioners have agreed a pared-down list of products to be candidates for energy efficiency standards, with kettles making a come-back despite resistance from the ..
    • Energy,Pollution,Products

    First energy label for business-use refrigerators comes into force

    The EU’s first specific business-to-business energy label and new ecodesign requirements will apply to business-use refrigerators in the EU starting today ..
    • Pollution,Products,General Policy,The EU's Circular Economy package,Packaging,Packaging

    Member states press EC over ecodesign delays

    EU member states have criticised the European Commission for continuing to delay the publication of an ecodesign work plan as part of its new circular ..
    • Waste & Resources,Products,General Policy,Packaging,Packaging

    EU survey finds patchy resource efficiency policies

    Only three EU countries and two regions have adopted strategies on material resource efficiency, a survey by the European Environment Agency has found ..
    • Energy,Products

    EPRs fall short on promoting eco-design, says OECD

    Extended producer responsibility schemes have been effective in driving resource efficiency across the EU’s major economies but they are falling short when it comes to ..
    • Climate,Products

    Standards body launches guides to make products greener

    EU standards body CEN-CENELEC has published guidance to help improve the climate change resilience and testing procedures of European products ..
    • Products,Markets & Corporate

    Green procurement laws enter force

    New public procurement rules which will allow public authorities to prioritise environmental requirements come into force this week ..
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