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    • Chemicals,Pollution

    PFOA replacement deemed substance of very high concern

    A chemical widely used in non-stick coatings has been added to the European Chemicals Agency list of substances of very high concern because of its ..
    • Chemicals,Products,Nature

    Campaigners celebrate food safety transparency reforms

    A European Parliament decision to grant greater public access to industry data on new food additives, pesticides and genetically modified organisms has been welcomed by ..
    • Waste & Resources,EU's Circular Economy,2019 European Elections

    Cross-party MEP group signs zero-waste pledge

    A group of MEPs representing most of the European Parliament’s mainstream parties has signed a pledge to work towards developing the EU’s circular economy during ..
    • Waste & Resources,Pollution

    Evidence of microplastic contamination in human gut

    European scientists have detected nine types of microplastics in stool samples from a worldwide sample of subjects, in the first study of its kind. ..
    • Chemicals

    ECHA consults on authorisation for bisphenol A

    Permission would be needed to use or market one of Europe’s most widely-used organic chemicals, alongside 17 others, under plans published on Wednesday by the ..
    • Chemicals,Packaging

    Call on EU to ban BPA in food packaging

    An environmental campaign group has reiterated its call for the EU to issue a full ban on bisphenol A in food packaging after the publication ..
    • Waste & Resources,Products

    EU scientists expose gaps in food contact material rules

    The lack of EU legislation for certain food contact materials has led to “diverging” national rules with potential impacts on food safety and trade, European ..
    • Chemicals,Packaging,Packaging

    ENVI MEPs demand action on EDCs in food packaging

    Environment MEPs have called on the European Commission to confirm criteria to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals to address risks posed by their presence in food ..
    • Chemicals,Pollution,Packaging,Packaging

    Member states back tightening of FCM rules

    Most EU member states have backed calls to develop specific restrictions for contaminants in food contact materials, a recent European Parliament survey has found ..
    • Waste & Resources,Packaging,Packaging

    Call for tougher controls on FCM industry

    Member states must tighten controls over producers and importers of food contact materials, according to the MEP leading a review of industry rules ..
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