Portugal plans major expansion of lithium mining, despite environmental concerns

Tenders for exploiting lithium deposits at up to nine sites in northern Portugal could be issued by the end of March once a dedicated law to establish new environmental requirements is approved,... Read more

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Green group warns of shortcomings in new incinerator standards

Environmentalists have issued guidance to incinerator watchdogs warning that new EU standards for waste incineration plants published last month fail to promote uptake of the most advanced techniques for air emissions abatement


Include raw materials planning in EU climate plans, say experts

Member states should incorporate materials planning into their National Energy and Climate Plans to help secure environmentally sustainable supplies of metals and minerals required for decarbonisation, academics have said


Italy to introduce plastic tax in 2020

Italy is to introduce a tax on plastic packaging next summer as part of the 2020 budget law voted by the senate on Monday and expected to be confirmed by the lower chamber next week


EEA highlights scale of PFAS contamination in Europe

Regulators are struggling to keep up with the sheer number of chemicals used in everything from non-stick coatings to pesticides and cosmetics that have widely contaminated Europe’s soil and water bodies, the European Environment Agency has warned


National governments essential for cities to reach carbon neutrality

Meeting ambitious emission reduction goals in cities will require the close involvement of national governments, audiences heard this week at two conferences on urban sustainability as part of the Madrid climate summit

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