Sinkevicius endorses 90% glass recycling initiative

An industry platform designed to boost collection of used glass bottles and other containers to 90% by 2030 has been welcomed by environment commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius as ‘going beyond the... Read more

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Electrical products last years less than designed, says EEA

Some electrical appliances last up to 18 years less than their designed lifetime according to new EU research


EEA: Tackling bio-waste crucial to circular economy transition

The correct handling of bio-waste can advance EU circular economy goals by delivering compost, fertilisers and biogas, but clear rules on labelling of biodegradable plastics are needed to prevent contamination, the European Environment Agency has said


Campaigners clash with industry over plastic-to-fuel technology

Environmentalists have urged member states to exclude ‘recycled carbon fuels’ from their green transport targets until the European Commission has carried out a full assessment of their environmental impact


EU Commission consults on reduction of packaging waste

The European Commission has called for input into how to improve packaging design to promote reuse and recycling as it prepares plans to revise packaging rules in order to reduce waste


Portuguese waste recycling rates again called into question

Portuguese environment agency data shows that only 15% of plastic packaging waste was recycled in 2018 compared to 44% as stated by the environment minister João Pedro Matos, the environmental NGO Zero said on Tuesday

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